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Meet Phil Vasyli  

Australian Podiatrist Phillip J. Vasyli has achieved ground-breaking research in lower-limb biomechanics and orthotic treatments. Successfully treating more than 50,000 patients, Phil founded three specialty clinics in Sydney and currently consults with clinics and practitioners across the globe.

Upon founding Vasyli International in 1979 Phil Vasyli invented his first heat-moldable, pre-fabricated orthotic, dramatically altering the podiatric medical scene with a less expensive, more efficient alternative to traditional orthotic treatment. Phil's innovation found instant success, providing both medical practitioners and patients with a natural, pain-free solution and customizable orthotic treatment on the spot.

Designed to restore natural foot function and well-being with every step, Phil introduced the award-winning Orthaheel brand in 1991 in order to reach an even larger audience of people struggling with heel, knee and lower back pain, helping alleviate wear and tear to many parts of the body by realigning feet to their natural position.

Orthaheel is available in more than 25 countries around the world and now includes over-the-counter orthotic footbeds, slippers, sandals and walking shoes.

As the founding member of the Vasyli Think Tank Phil collaborates with leading experts in podiatric medicine, physiotherapy, physical therapy and diabetic footcare. The Vasyli Think Tank's thought leadership, product innovation and clinical research drives the success of both Vasyli Medical and the Orthaheel consumer brand.