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Clinical Research
Compelling evidence of Vasyli's pain-relieving benefits has been demonstrated in clinical trials conducted by renowned podiatrists, leading physical therapists and experts in lower limb biomechanics from across the globe.
Our Vasyli Think Tank members provide influence for product development, creating a powerful source of learning, collaboration and cooperative thought backed by clinical research and scientific trial results.
A few of the clinical and practical research findings include:
APMA Seal of Acceptance
For more than 35 years, the APMA has been a reliable source of information on the quality and efficiency of products that promote foot health. Now eight Orthaheel products have joined a select group of products that proudly display the APMA seal. Orthaheel submitted and received approval on eight of its top products. Learn more about Orthaheel's APMA approved products and evaluation criteria.
Superior Sandals
University tests show that Orthaheel sandals reduce both the rate and amount of pronation (rolling over of the foot and ankle). The sandals help alleviate excess pronation by restoring natural alignment, in turn reducing the incidence of lower limb biomechanical injuries.
Knee Pain Relief
52-week study concludes that the combination of physiotherapy and pre-fabricated orthotics may improve both short-term and long-term knee pain relief. The Vasyli orthotics used in the study, incorporating the same Tri-Planar Motion Control technology used in Orthaheel orthotics, delivered outstanding results when compared to flat inserts for pain management at 6 weeks. delivered outstanding results when compared to flat inserts for pain management at 6 weeks.
Heel Pain Relief
90% of study participants showed significant or total relief from heel pain symptoms after wearing orthotics that incorporate Vasyli’s Tri-Planar Motion Control technology, as used in Orthaheel orthotics to treat plantar fasciitis for 12 weeks.